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“My outlook for my future is wonderful. I feel like as long as I have the support of my loved ones, I can get through anything. Looking back, I feel like I learned so much after my diagnosis. You need to like and trust your doctor, you should not go to a support group until you are ready, everyone’s version of MS is different (like your fingerprint), try to always stay positive, always try to keep moving, and take help when you need it. Letting people help you takes courage.”

Alison Mannino, MS Warrior & Lead MS4MS Ambassador

My MS Story by Danielle Stein

My MS Story by Danielle Stein As a sports reporter and anchor, I spend my days working to share others’ stories. I’m always compelled by those stories of athletes who have overcome obstacles that have shaped them into the people they are today. I didn’t imagine it would be my turn next. “Making it” in [...]

My MS Story by AJ McGinty

My MS Story by AJ McGinty Hi! I’m Anthony, but most people call me AJ. I’m 38 years old and I work full time as a training specialist at a utility company called Central Hudson in New York. Prior to this I worked at a nuclear power plant, Indian Point, for 13 years where I [...]

My MS Story by Kyle Kochiss

My MS Story by Kyle Kochiss Hi there. My name is Kyle and I am honored to share my MS story with you. It has been a very long time since I have thought about how this journey began for me but I will do my best. First and most importantly, I am a mother [...]

My MS Story by Carolyn Flint

My MS Story by Carolyn Flint My name is Carolyn Flint, I am 55 years old and from Saint Augustine, Florida. My MS story began in the early fall of 2005, when I had a mountain biking mishap which ended with me in a California emergency room. As I was riding down a steep road, [...]

My MS Story by Brian Hart

My MS Story by Brian Hart “I need you to hang up and call 911 right now, will you do that?” Not really the response I was expecting from the nurse hotline through my insurance. I had been experiencing a constant tingling numbness in my right foot for two days at this point. At the [...]

My MS Story by Stephen Glaus

My MS Story by Stephen Glaus I was 28 years old and my life ahead was full of promise and hope. I had recently landed an incredible job in sunny southern California and my wife and I were expecting our second child. I had served in the military for four years and pursued my MBA [...]

My MS Story by Rob Evans

My MS Story by Rob Evans My MS story begins on a Sunday in November of 2011, the weekend before Thanksgiving. I went for a 40 mile bicycle ride and had a good ride until I got home. I took a shower, looked in the mirror and noticed the left side of my face didn’t [...]

My MS Story by Gina Campbell

My MS Story by Gina Campbell I never could climb a rope in gym class. I tried, but to be honest, even though I was a bit of daredevil as kid, it was a bit scary. As a kid I was never naturally athletic but I loved sports and I never shied away from physical [...]

My MS Story by Brandon Bowers

My MS Story by Brandon Bowers August 20th of 2022 was the day that changed my life forever. I was 31 years old, a former collegiate volleyball player, recently married, with a great job, family, and friends. When I woke up on August 13th, everything was pretty normal. That changed the very next day. On [...]

My MS Story by Alyssa Kobela

MS is a Thief... But I'm Not A Victim by Alyssa Kobela It was my favorite time of the year, fall, which in the US meant it was football season. The air was crisp, the sky was filled with sunshine. A classic fall day in mid-November 2018. My husband and I decided to celebrate our [...]