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“My outlook for my future is wonderful. I feel like as long as I have the support of my loved ones, I can get through anything. Looking back, I feel like I learned so much after my diagnosis. You need to like and trust your doctor, you should not go to a support group until you are ready, everyone’s version of MS is different (like your fingerprint), try to always stay positive, always try to keep moving, and take help when you need it. Letting people help you takes courage.”

Alison Mannino, MS Warrior & Lead MS4MS Ambassador

MS Don’t Compare Written by Michael “Super Hero With a Cane” O’Grady

MS Don't Compare Written by Michael “Super Hero With a Cane” O’Grady MS isn’t Fair, Don’t Compare. “My friends brothers aunt has MS and she’s doing great.” Gee thanks! Even though you have no idea what type of MS I have, how long I’ve had it or what my symptoms are. You’re also not a [...]

My MS Story: By Agata

My MS Story By Agata It was 2019. My life was about to be turned upside down and I had no idea. I should've noticed the signs: miscarriage, anxiety, depression. I had just got married to the love of my life. I was getting ready to celebrate my 35th birthday. I thought I was healthy. [...]

My MS Story: By Demi Schweers

My MS Story By Demi Schweers Twenty-fricken-twenty. There’s no question that 2020 was a year that everyone will remember. But for me, this was the year my life changed. Not only was I coming to terms with the new normal from Covid-19, but I was also planning a wedding and trying to buy our first house. Surely [...]

My MS Story: Willing. By Michael Hoffman

My MS Journey: Willing. By Michael Hoffman Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. I woke up one day in April 2017 and my life changed forever. I remember laying down in this MRI in the middle of the night after my wife rushed me to the hospital thinking “ok, no matter [...]

Disability and SSDI Process by Michael “Super Hero With a Cane” O’Grady

Disability and SSDI Process By Michael “Super Hero With a Cane” O’Grady I’m personally of the opinion that if I could work to support my family I would and I should. But, I’ve found out that the rules aren’t sometimes fair after going on social security disability. After seeing my job performance decline over the [...]

My MS Story: by Kelly Beccaccio

My MS Story By Kelly Beccaccio I was diagnosed with MS, July 4th , 2017. I’m an avid runner, cyclist, swimmer, gym rat, and I love being outdoors. I’ll never forget the months leading up to that July. I was experiencing numbness and tingling in my upper thighs. At one point, I couldn’t feel my legs [...]

Message to #MSwarriors, By Michael “Super Hero With a Cane” O’Grady

Message to #MSwarriors By Michael ``Super Hero With a Cane`` O'Grady Stress and Multiple Sclerosis have never been a match made in heaven. Avoiding and dealing with reducing stress in our lives could really help minimize symptoms. Some of the things we can do are; meditate, exercise and eliminate things in our lives that directly [...]

My MS Story, by Quincy Fournier

``My MS Story`` By Quincy Fournier My pediatrician looked at me, "Most people don't wake up and run 6 miles.” I thought to myself, "But I do!" Since high school running has been a big part of my life. I fell in love with the sport through my cross-country team. Unfortunately, my undiagnosed MS kept [...]

My MS Story, by Bobbi Jo “BJ” Ramsey

``MS Is Not A Life Sentence`` By Bobbi Jo 'BJ' Ramsey Picture it: Connecticut, Thursday August 29, 2019. It was an average day in my crazy, chaotic, non stop, 32 yr old single mom life. I brought my son to school during his first week of first grade, then rushed off to work. It was also my first [...]

Do Not Let It Stop You, by Aaryn Wichelns-Backiel

``Do Not Let It Stop You`` By Aaryn Wichelns-Backiel My name is Aaryn Wichelns-Backiel, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis during my junior year in high school. Before being diagnosed I was getting ready to take my SAT’s and I was under a lot of stress. I kept telling my family that I was not feeling [...]